Galaxy’s Edge – Rise of the Resistance – Cast Preview


This weekend I got a really cool opportunity to go to Galaxy’s Edge in Disneyland to preview the new Star Wars ride Rise of the Resistance. As a self-proclaimed theme park aficionado and also huge Star Wars fan I can say with some assurance that my experience on Rise of the Resistance is the best I have ever had on any amusement park ride.

I am not sure if I would even call it a “ride” in the traditional sense, since for some portions of the attraction you are being directed from location to location by either Resistance cast members or First Order officers and interrogators. Every cast member was 100% in character and enthusiastically portraying the Star Wars universe in a way I had never experienced before.

Spoiler Warning

The ride in full can be seen via numerous accounts across the web from the Florida location in DisneyWorld which is identical to the Disneyland Rise of the Resistance. If you do not wish to have the  details of the ride spoiled then I suggest you look no further!

The Ride

While working your way through the queue of the ride you are presented with an extraordinary amount of environmental details and Star Wars props which are steeped in the lore of the saga.

Acting as new recruits in the Resistance against the First Order you are given a mission by BB-8 and a hologram of Rey and others.

Requests then walk past ships, including Dameron’s X-wing fighter, and board a transport ship for the first portion of the ride.

On board, Bek speaks to guests as Nien Nunb pilots the ship, which is escorted by Dameron and other X-wings.

Dameron is forced to go for help when the transport and fighters are attacked by a First Order Star Destroyer which appears to capture the guests’ ship and pull it inside a hangar bay filled with stormtroopers.

The recruits then are brought into holding area before being put into a cell for interrogation. The first order officers (cast members) ordering the guests around with disdain for the resistance sympathizers. Our crew was so in character during this portion that we got several chastisements to fall in line and conform to the First Order.

Then with help from Finn, disguised as a stormtrooper, the recruits board a hijacked First Order Fleet Transportpiloted by an R5 unit to travel to an escape pod.


The trackless system of the AGVs (auto guided vehicles) adds to the immersion by hiding the direction the ride will take the users next.

The ride wanders between some awesome scenes depicting the escape from the Star Destroyer and the subsequent space battle that ensues.


Overall this was a 10/10 experience. I am very sad that the cast preview for the event only allowed us to go on the ride once and am super grateful that my brother Derek was able to get me into this exclusive event! The casts’ demeanor and acting was top notch and I hope that it continues at this level after the cast preview period. If you would like to hear more about this experience let me know!

May the force be with you all!


Dylan Stout

Machine Learning Software Engineer at Microsoft & volunteer VR/AI researcher University of Utah

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